About Our Company

About Datrix

Datrix brings to market hi-end consulting and data solutions that can be used across a broad spectrum of industries.

The Business Intelligence software that is used and will create value with your data, empower your business user to tell the story that lives in your data.

Based on in-memory analysis and reporting, bringing flexibility, simplicity and scalability to enterprise-wide Business Intelligence deployments.

In the simplest context, Datrix works the way our brains work through association and remembering.

We pride ourselves in being a customer focused. We understand that every client is unique, with unique needs. We take great care to ensure that we understand our client’s needs, as well as their business environment.

Datrix designs and proposes an appropriate solution, implements it, guides each client through the learning and acceptance process and provides on-going maintenance and support.

Datrix solutions may be customised and tailored as required and evolve as each company evolves.

Our Vision

Our vision is driven by maximising your data capabilities by bringing innovative business intelligence solutions to the market.

The key advantage datrix offers is the ability to maximise your data by unlocking the true value of your information. Easily transforming business decisions, combining the data to one central point, maximising outcomes and opportunities.